This is us!

The Event Firm is comprised of a team of event planning specialists in Kitchener-Waterloo, each with five or more years of experience in the industry. Our team has a variety of interests in design, décor, music, floral, and events, and is always excited to work with clients on designing a cohesive, unique and creative event. We are a constantly growing, professional firm dedicated to thoughtful, personalized event management and planning.

Carolina Soares Wedding Planning KW

Carolina Soares
Owner, Senior Event Designer

Carolina is a certified wedding planner through The Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC). She has been planning and designing weddings and event for 10 years and loves bringing a bride and groom’s vision to life. She has extensive knowledge of the hospitality industry and thinks that excellent customer service is the key to any successful service based company.

“I strive to offer the best service, so that my clients trust me and know that they will have nothing to worry about. It’s about creating trust and having it so that clients ultimately feel super secure in letting me manage their big day. I love events. Events are incredibly fulfilling, because not only do you get to do something different each day at work, but there’s also nothing quite like taking someone’s vision and making it come together and then having a chance to reveal the final look to them and see their reaction.”



Thank you so much for taking an interest in our company and for taking the time to read about me! I'm really pretty easy-going. I am great under pressure and am a fantastic multi-tasker. I'm super organized (I pretty much colour coordinate every file and label it with tabs too....I'm not joking!)

Before I was an event planner, I was an opera singer, bartender, barista, makeup artist and financial planner. I guess you can say I get bored easily! 

Seriously though, I love events, because they keep me on my toes! There's always something new and fun to do and plan. I can never get bored, because I'm always learning about new people, planning different concepts and creating new visions. The locations we work in are always different and exciting too.

I love being a planner. I love learning about people and their vision. I'm so excited to meet you!


Christina marshall
director of sales

With over 15 years-experience working in the media both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, Christina Marshall's has many ideas just bursting at the seams. Having worked for CTV, CBC, NTV News and the Sixth Sense Newspaper in Germany, Marshall has developed a knack for taking an idea from conception to creation with enthusiasm and ease.

Creativity, passion and excitement as a basis, has lead her down another path, one where the efforts are truly customer centric in sales and marketing. As an account executive for Virgin Radio, KFUN and CTV, she was tasked with generating unique media campaigns as well as helping to promote various local events.

She has also worked as an Account Manager for Information Network System, as a Marketing lead and PR representative for iHeart Beer Festivals and as a Multi-Media Producer for BNR Media Group.

Using the very skills learned throughout her varied career, Marshall is now excitedly taking on the role of Director of Sales for Gaslight Events and The Event Firm Inc.. Her hope is to share her passion for the event industry by finding creative solutions for people across South Western Ontario. The key is to leave people happy with their experience at The Event Firm and Gaslight Events and she intends on doing just that.

Kyle Priestley Corporate Events Waterloo

Kyle priestley
corporate event management, DJ

A true entrepreneur at heart, Kyle has been creating companies and designing events his whole life. He specializes in lighting design, spacial development for event spaces, event production and music management. With a keen ear and eye for what's new and trending, Kyle is a go to for unique events and designs. 

I'm a reality diversion consultant. A self made title, I know! I can take a clients vision and make it a reality beyond their expectation.

 Kyle is extremely passionate about event design and management! It is pretty much what he has done since he was old enough to work. He prides himself on all of the skills he has learned from the School of "Hard Knocks".

I am a self starter, a mentor and a man with a million ideas and typically execute on almost all of them. I am fearless, motivated and inspiring in the Event Business World



I started DJ-ing when I was 15 in Port Dover. I ran my fist company from the back of my buddies mom's station wagon (an 84 Dodge Omni), with a boom box. I guess you can say I've always been an entrepreneur at heart! 

I moved to Waterloo to study fine art and sculpture at Laurier University and never looked back! 

I'm a man of many ideas. I have enough new ideas in a day to make anyone's head spin, I'm great at seeing an event before it happens and I'm also great at creating a client's vision, because I can see it in my mind before it's been executed.

You could also say I'm a social butterfly. I'm definitely the networker in the company. You'll see me at all the Chamber events and fundraisers in the area. 

Fundraising, community awareness and supporting local is super important to me!


Come meet our event team! We won't disappoint you!