cold brew coffee

Cold Brew Coffee

cold brew coffee

There are two types of coffee drinkers in the summer - those who still want a hot cup of coffee in the morning, and those who think it’s hot enough outside and just want an iced coffee to keep cool. And sure, you can brew a cup (or pot) of coffee and just throw it over some ice, but that tends to leave you with a watered down cup of coffee. So why not grab a cold brew instead? Like the name suggests, cold brew coffee is steeped with cold water over a period of hours, which leaves you with a less acidic and less bitter tasting cup of coffee. Plus, it’s super easy to make at home, with the added bonus of not costing upwards of $4 a cup like you would pay at your local coffee shop!

iced coffee with milk

Get your beans coarsely ground, or ask for them to be ground for a French Press. For cold brew you’ll want to use a four to one ratio of water to coffee, so two cups of water to half a cup of coffee grounds.

If you have a French Press, simply add your coffee grounds and water into the French Press, and pop it in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Then just press the plunger down, and you’re ready to enjoy a deliciously cool cup of cold brew coffee.

No French Press? No problem!

Add the coffee grinds and water into a mason jar or some other container with a lid, and give it a stir. Put the lid on and place it in the fridge for at least 12 hours. Then use a paper coffee filter, or cheese cloth to strain the coffee into another container.

You can then add cream, or milk if you want. You can also add sugar but since it doesn’t dissolve as easily in cold liquids you might want to make a simple syrup to add instead. Just add one part sugar, and one part water to a sauce pan and slowly heat until the sugar dissolves. Plus it will keep in the fridge, so you can make a bigger batch so you have some on hand for your next cold brew coffee.