Saint Patty's Day

Our Top 3 Must Haves for Saint Patty's Day 2017

We obviously had to write about this amazing holiday. (Holiday??) It's the only day of the year where day drinking is seen as normal, so you knew this was coming!

Here are our top 3 must haves for Saint Patty's Day 2017:

1. Best Bars (you know, the ones you can start drinking at 11 AM and people won't be staring at you...)

2. Accessories, because we're trendy like that. Plus, I secretly wish I could wear green every day of the year (why didn't I get green eyes...*sigh*)

3. Our favourite cocktail, 'cause you know I'm gonna start the drinking at 10AM, even if the bars don't let me (rules, rules, rules)

Best Saint Patty's Day Bars in KW

#SPD2017 (hashtag me, or else)

Whilst on our daily travels recently, we have made note to check out some of the best bars you should be hitting up this St. Patty's Day. Even if Ezra Street is in your adventures for the day, don't forget to stop by a bar to fuel up on food! We know that everywhere is going to be holding a decent party but we'll tell you where and why you should be hitting up any or all of these places!

st pattys day kw

These glasses are seriously cute!!!

1. McCabe's Irish Pub - Kitchener

Let's start off with bars that are going to be held to the highest standards. You know, because it's an Irish Pub. McCabe's is always a great time and the food and beer is pretty good too. Plus, it's conveniently located in downtown Kitchener.

What's Happening There:

  • Chalk board menu specials
  • 91.5 The Beat live on location
  • Irish Dancers (YES!!!)
  • $5 cover after 2 pm...HINT: go before 2PM

2. Molly Blooms Irish Pub - Waterloo

Another Irish pub. We had to add it!!! With daily deals, in a prime student location, there is always something happening here. They have live music and great drink specials we love. You are almost guaranteed a successful St. Patty's Day at this Pub! 

What's Happening There:

  • Live Music
  • $3 Singles, $8 Triples (Drink the triples at your own risk. You know what they say: one tequila, two tequila, 3 tequila...MORE!)

3. State and Main

If you would rather celebrate St. Patty's Day with some class, or maybe you don't feel like chugging green beer, then State and Main is a great bar for you to check out. Or maybe you want to chug green beer later, but you dressed up, so you want to start your 11AM with some class! These guys have an extensive beer list, great food, TV's and a social atmosphere, you'll be sure to enjoy your time here!

What's Happening There:

  • FREE Wings from 2pm-6pm

4. Maxwell's

Maybe you are looking for more of an event to attend on #SPD2017? Or you went out, then went home, had a nap and are ready for round 2? If so, Maxwell's is a great place to catch a concert for the evening. With stellar performances, Maxwell's will be sure to host an awesome concert for everyone celebrating the day.

What's Happening There:

  • St. Patrick's Day @ Maxwell's featuring the Mudmen
  • Tickets $20

5. Beertown Public House

Located in the heart of Uptown Waterloo, Beertown is a great stop along the way or even a permanent destination for the day. With loads of beer options and an amazing food selection you will be sure to enjoy #SPD2017 here!

What's Happening There:

  • Paddio Party: Live to air with Dave Rocks from 12-2pm & 7-10pm (Yes that's how you spell paddio, you know PADDI-o = pattio...har har)
  • Listen Live this week for chances to win VIP seating for the day

St. Patty's Day Outfit

Subtle Green Accessories to add to your Outfit

Trying to add a pop of green to your St. Patty's Day outfit without looking like a leprechaun??? You might be able to grab an accessory out of your closet, but if not, here are a few green inspired accessories. Plus you won't feel bad for buying these because you can rock these hints of green all spring and summer long afterwards!


Ray Ban Club Master in Green Flash

Everyone can use some funky sunnies in their collection. Invest in these sunglasses for an added pop of green! (Plus they will come in handy for coping with the hangover)


Amazon Green Converse

So if someone spills green beer on your shoes you'll never know!  Plus bar hopping will be very comfy with these on!


Trendy Necklace

Throw on this necklace from H&M to spice up your outfit! Plus it looks cute.


Marc Jacobs Cross Body

This stylish and sleek cross body bag supports the green for St. Patty's Day but also is a gorgeous bag to wear over and over again. Wearing a cross body bag might be the safest way to ensure you keep all your belongings on you anyway ;)


Our Favourite Green Cocktail Recipe

If going out and bar hopping isn't your thing, why not stay home and make an awesome green drink yourself? You'll avoid the peer pressure to chug green beer too. Here's our favourite green cocktail recipe:


st pattys day cocktail kw

Emerald old Fashioned


2 oz Knappogue Castle Single Malt Irish Whiskey
1 tsp honey syrup
1 tsp Chartreuse Green
1 tsp Dolin Génépy des Alpes
Mint sprig, for garnish

Pour all ingredients into a rocks glass full of cubed ice, and stir clockwise for around 12-14 seconds. Garnish with a sprig of mint, inserted into drink.

Recipe from In Style

I know we like to have fun, but don't forget; don't drink and drive. Be safe out there and have an AMAZING Saint Patrick,s Day! Share your photos with us too! We love knowing what you're up to!

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