"A mother's arms are more comforting then anyone else's" ~Princess Diana


Mother's Day is right around the corner and what better way to celebrate mom than by throwing a brunch, a dinner, a cocktail party, a celebration big or small in her very honour!
Mom's put up with a lot. Monday to Sunday. Sunrise to sunset. Their work load doesn't just end Friday at 5; they give it their all and bust it out until that inner clock tells them its quitting time, it's time for wine!

I have watched my girlfriends raise their little's and can attest to how awesome they make motherhood seem. The accomplishment alone deserves a toast!  Everyday I am surrounded by countless amazing mama's of all ages that all have one thing in common; they love their kids. Mother's Day allows us to love them right back 110% more.

Let's do something special for mom this year and treat her like the queen she is 365 days a year!

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We hope you shower a mom this May 13th with the love she deserves! To give you a hand we planned out a simple brunch; from décor, to drinks, to festive appetizers; we have you covered!



"Design to express, not to impress" ~ John Tanedo

This DIY floral display is super easy and looks stunning! Depending on how you go about doing this; there is the cardboard and glue gun way or the super creative and artsy way of creating your own letters by constructing 3D cut-outs. Many craft stores will carry the pre-cut letters in both wood or metal  which will make your life a tad simpler.

If you choose to go the more difficult route; after the letters have been constructed and hollowed out, they get filled with foam which the florals; fake or alive will stick into.  Another really easy way is to just trace out a letter on foam and cut it out and use that as the base. Glue and use anything that makes it resemble your mom; corks, ribbon, buttons, charms etc.  There are so many creative options for these floral letters! You can simply do a "mom" or you can do her first initial. Displaying it on the dinner table as an arrangement would be a gorgeous addition to your brunch!

The images below from JULIE'S CORNER are beautiful and easy to recreate for yourself! Let your creative juices flow! 

Along with every great meal is the meal's primary accessory; the napkin. For some reason we love our napkins and this cute DIY is perfect for dad and the kids to do for mom! This craft doesn't require you to break the bank! Walk over to your refrigerator- open the produce drawer and take out the celery. Make a quick snack for the kids and keep the end; the part that would usually get tossed. Fill a tray with paint, and use the celery end as a stamp. Stamp napkins; paper or cloth, place cards and let your colourful imagination take over! Let them dry and use them for your brunch place settings.


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"We drink champagne when we thirsty" ~Notorious B.I.G

This bar has no closing time!  A mom-o-sa bar may just be what mom needs! Have the kids help! Take them shopping! Its a fun way to spend time with mom and create something so easy that she and her guests will enjoy!

You will need:

*Sparkling wine/Champagne/ Soda water

*Champagne flutes- or fun plastic/melamine ones from Home Sense/ Winners, Pier 1

*Juices of your choosing. Orange, Grapefruit, Pomegranate or lemon juice

*Fresh fruit or herbs. Blueberries, Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, mint, lavender sprigs or flower petals

*Labels for the juice jugs or carafes

*Confetti, florals, a banner, balloons, streamers,  fun straws, mini chalkboards for signage or frames for "mom" inspired ideas to display

Phtoto Credit: Jillian Harris

Phtoto Credit: Jillian Harris

Check out this delicious and easy to make mom-o-sa recipe HERE



"Hard work should be rewarded by good food" ~Ken Follett

Food - it's what brings the masses together! Every Sunday my husband and I go to my mother-in-laws for family dinner. She goes all out with appetizers and a meal planned specifically in mind for her kids. Making mom her favourite meal, snack for Mother's Day or the ever desired breakfast in bed is a no brainer! Lets take this creative brunch to the next level!  Here are some more fun DIY ideas for the whole family!

The Calla Lily- a simple yet eye appealing appetizer. Easy to make! All you need are white cheese slices/small pita rounds or wraps, cream cheese; plain or herbed, scallions/ green onions for the stems and thinly cut carrots.

Cherry Tomato Tulips- an edible bouquet to blow mom away! Visit recipe HERE

Deviled Egg Tulips- A similar design concept to the cherry tomato tulip in regards to the cuts you will make to create the tulip and using the egg's yolk as the filler and not cheese

Meat and Cheese Floral Arrangement- there is no right or wrong way do do this! Roll meats and cheese until they resemble a floral arrangement. Use olives for the flowers centers, and mix in lettuces, parsley and other leafy tools to create the appearance of petals and stems

Moms are our safety nets. They love us when no one else will, they comfort, console and in time end up being more of a friend to us than authority. Each one of us has a different story or relationship with mom. Cherish your time, accept the guidance she shows you, and willingly take the help and support she offers you through life when times are tough.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you moms out there! Fur- mama's, new mothers, wives , grandmothers, aunts, sisters and daughters!