What's better than Valentine's Day? Galentine's Day!!!

Galentine's Day: Girl's Only!

BFF. BAE. Best friend. Girlfriend. Pal. Girl. Venting Companion. Shopping Buddy. These are only a few of the words that we use on an average when speaking about a close girl friend.
February 13th, the day before the big 14. The day of absolute pressure to buy your significant other, partner or lover a gift with romantic intention, is NOW for the girls! Call up a girlfriend or two and make a day/ night of it! Dress up, do dinner, go dancing, do lunch, coffee, drinks or stay in and watch rom-coms, surround yourself with good food and something bubbly and pretty. Galentine's Day is just that. It's Valentine's Day for the girls. 

On Wednesday February 7- The Event Firm went live with CTV News- Quick Fix at 5. We set up a segment for you guys to watch and take notes on how to set up or create the BEST Galentine's Day! 
Here are some of the ideas we showed you live in case you missed it! (see link to live segment here: ( http://bit.ly/2H1LIJP)

Entertaining for Galentine's Day

Candy! Chocolate! Treats! What girl does not like sweets? Personally, there are not enough sugary treats in this world! Stock up! Get creative! Bulk Barn, Laura Secord, Sugar Mountain, Rocky Mountain are all obvious choices for edible heaven, but even your everyday grocery stores like Walmart, Sobeys and Zehrs sell delectable ideas that can be used in your display! Use fun, different, odd shaped glass or dishware that you might not normally use or think to use, to display candy in. Try a wine glass, a vase, go out of your comfort zone! Color coordinate, pinks, reds, whites or do something different! 

Pink Macaroons Galentine's Day

Photo Credit: HERE

If you have time and want to impress your lady friends take simple ingredients like pretzels, licorice, marshmallows or fruit and dip in chocolate and top off with sprinkles. Displaying with tiers is also an impressive way to display those treats! Use wine glasses (plastic or glass), bowls, jars, candelabras and place serving trays, or plates on top to create a raised sophisticated look. There is no right or wrong way! Play around with heights and shapes and you'll be amazed at what you can create!

Valentines day chocolate strawberries

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Making it extra pretty for the Gals

Some of the smallest details could end up being the most looked at or the most creative! Napkins! Its funny how they appear to be just this everyday item, so you think they go unnoticed BUT  they can actually be a huge focus with your setup. Colour scheme , patterned, frilly, fancy are all great choices! Why not go one step further and create a heart shaped napkin. Using a napkin, a simple white even, no need to go and purchase anything extra, fold and cut (See complete video for step by step instruction) and then monogram to personalize your place settings for your guest(s) of honor.

heart napkin fold for Galentine's Day

Photo Credit: DaWanda

Don't Forget to Decorate the Drinks

Now we get into the good stuff! How important are drinks for your Galentine's day? If you're like me, I love a good sparkling wine, rose or a unique mixed cocktail, but I also take note on how its presented to me. I notice the glassware, the fun little flourish that can change your entire drink experience. Have you ever looked at the ice cube in your drink? Silly? Maybe! But next time your out look! A lot of thought goes into that drink and how that ice cube is prepared! For Galentine's Day why not try an ice cube that you created yourself using basic fridge ingredients. Taking a simple ice cube tray fill with water and maybe toss in a cranberry or a blueberry or 2! Edible flowers or nasturtiums range from things you grow in your garden such as basil, sage, rosemary,mint or squash and pumpkin blossoms to rose petals, pansies, and lavender. Put in freezer. Wait until frozen then pop! Gorgeous right!? 


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Girly and Pink Galentine's Drink

To finalize your plans- a good Galentine's Day needs a signature or festive drink. Its OK if you haven't been blessed with the bartender gene!  Whether u pop a bottle of Champagne and top it off with cotton candy, or you feel brave enough to mix, shake and stir up your favorite cocktail, I assure you, you can do no wrong! Think pink! A good mixed drink can sometimes be game changer. Vodka is simple enough and just mix in a favorite juice such as pomegranate or cranberry/raspberry and add in liqueurs that you feel confident using.  Sour Puss and Chambord are a good start. 

Cotton Candy Champagne Galentine's Day

Celebrate Friendship

Make Galentine's Day fun but remember its about you and your friendships! If you and a girlfriend want to sip on something delicious and nibble on chocolate covered treats while wearing sweats with your hair tied up in a messy bun that's completely OK! 

After all, this day is for the girls.

Happy Galentine's Day to all you girls out there!

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