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Easter, Easter & more Easter!

So, what came first...The chicken or the egg? For today, I'm going to go with the egg because that's easier to work with for Easter. I don't know about you, but those spring pastels really do get my good vibes flowing! When it comes to any and all creative ideas, I know we all turn to our handy pal, Pinterest. In this blog I'll be sharing some of my favourite Easter Inspiration ideas that I have pulled from Pinterest. I've got lots of goodies to share! Just think, I'm really helping you find the BEST ideas and creations that will have all of your guests thinking you are a hosting star!

easter decor 2017

Easter Eggs

Is it just me or was decorating Easter eggs one of your childhood memories? We all know there are so many designs to chose from, so hopefully I can help you out! When it comes to the actual egg, I have always just hard boiled my eggs and then ate them post-Easter celebrations. This year, I am going to be trying a new technique, (I'm probably the last to hear about this but better late than never, right?!) Here is how to get a hollow egg (and not end up with unhealthy amounts of hard boiled eggs to feel obligated to eat or have egg cracking wars at Easter dinner).

Check out Carolina showing us how to blow out your egg yolks!

Glitter Eggs

These eggs are fairly easy to decorate because you don't have to actually colour the egg. If you have a combination of white and brown eggs this will make it a lot easier! Check out the full decorating tips below!

The Girl Inspired: Glitter Easter Eggs

Ombre Eggs

You know those types of projects where the final product looks like you have spent hours working on it? This is one of those times. These ombre eggs are so easy to achieve and make a strong statement, but are fairly easy to create! I will definitely be rocking these on my table for Easter!

Check out the full DIY article at Sugar and Charmed: DIY Ombre Easter Eggs


Sprinkle Eggs

For this last one, I was really contemplating showing you a marble colour design or something on the more time-saving side. Since we're all busy and I have some other decorating goodies for you, I decided to go with the sophisticated simple sprinkle egg! This is SO easy! Please don't call me for any clean up though. Check out the full tutorial:

Studio DIY: Sprinkle Easter Eggs

Easter Decorations: Simple, but Cute

If you're anything like my family, we pull out the same Easter decorations year after year. As nice as it is to see all the cute bunnies and eggs from each year but, I'm really looking forward to sprucing up the Easter decor. Check out some of my favourite cute and easy ways to elevate your Easter decor this 2017!


Easter Foodies

Another reason I love the holidays is because it calls for another opportunity to eat turkey! (And then of course have a turkey coma, which did you know is a real thing?!) Do you feel like more candy is given out around Easter then they do at Halloween I sure do! (Not complaining). Take a look at some of the Easter sweets I am going to be indulging in this year! I hope you do too, because you deserve it and you still have some time before #summerbod comes out to play!

I hope you found all of these Easter related tidbits very helpful and don't forget to indulge this Easter Season!

Have a very HOPPY Easter everyone!

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