Awesome Cocktails in a Skinny Glass! Perfect for a wedding, or any event, really. Cheers!

Cocktail Hour Cocktails - The Skinny Glass

This past week we were out for dinner to celebrate a birthday in the family.  The cocktails we ordered were served in these tall clear glasses that I just loved!  Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough on mytoes to think to get a photo before leaving, but the design of the cocktails, and the shape of the glass in particular, popped back into my head this morning.

I love these glasses for cocktails with friends, dinner parties or even cocktail hour at your wedding if it is an option.  The glass is interesting enough that a simple granish is enough to finish off a pu-together look!  The glasses also look great displayed on a bar or table.

In those tall thin glasses the cocktails felt so dainty.  There was something already intriguing about the cocktail before there was ever and liquid or granish in the glass!

Get creating and design your own signature cocktail!

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These are my personal favourite!  Kudos to the creator!  How delicate and beautiful. 

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Photo Credit: Pottery Barn, Style Me Pretty, Meg Smith Photography, Red Book Mag, Marry You Me & Food Nd Recipe.